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Your Inventory is your lifeline. 

What stock do you have available? Do you have enough inventories?  What tools are there to manage your inventory? Does the fulfillment provider have a proven inventory management track record? How can I be sure that they are consistent in their services?

The answer is YES! By utilizing our Fulfillment Management Systems, we put in front of our clients all the tools they need to properly manage their stock level with the same system being used to manage what is in our facilities. From reporting to online access, United Fulfillment Solutions makes sure that you have all the information that is needed to succeed. Now, combine that with our ISO 9001 certification, and you can be sure that our facilities are consistently run day in and day out.

Inventory Management has two major facets: Physical inventory and Technology. United Fulfillment Solutions “Fulfillment Management System” (FMS) enables our staff to accurately and efficiently manage our clients' inventory.

From our receiving departments, all inbound shipments are:

  • Verified to our customer supplied purchase order
  • Identified as needing special labeling or prep work prior to sale. (barcoding, relabeling, kitting, light assembly)

The power of our FMS comes through when we need to analyze your sales trends for proper stock location. The velocity and product characteristics mean we can design your company's order processing area to maximize order turnaround times.