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National Fulfillment Services | Overview

At United Fulfillment, we understand the importance of fulfilling your orders accurately and quickly. We also understand the importance of visibility—the ability for our clients to view their orders and inventory easily via reports and through our web interface.

Our Fulfillment Management System tracks your inventory from the moment we initially receive it, until the order goes out the door. We use handheld Symbol scanners running Windows Mobile to record inbound deliveries and your stock into our system, making it available for fulfilling orders. Orders can be submitted to us in a variety of ways, including online-entry, ftp posting, .XML and many more. Once orders are in our system, available inventory is automatically allocated and orders are released to the floor for picking. The orders appear in the pickers’ scanner and the pickers are directed to the inventory location containing the stock. Each piece for the order is scanned and verified, a process repeated when the order is packed. The order and related inventory are tracked in the system from start to finish, and warehouse supervisors know the exact status of any order at any time.

Our client web interface provides an easy portal for accessing this information. Once a client logs on, they can view order history, inventory levels, receiving history and other information in real time. In addition, we provide a collection of nightly standard reports and also offer premium and enterprise report packages depending on your needs.